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Full presentation of the North Beach Infrastructure Task Force's plan for North Beach

The North Beach project consists of two primary efforts to address long-term issues affecting North Beach, the gateway to Corpus Christi.

North beach is both historically and culturally significant to South Texas. For decades it was the hub of entertainment in the region. In addition to that, it's now the gateway to Corpus Christi and our calling card to over 800,000 tourists who visit the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium every year.


Together we are building a North Beach that represents hope, belonging, and a return to the way life should be lived—enjoying the ones we love in a place we can be safe and happy.

Jonathan Gonzalez - 18. Down the Canal.p

A grand 1.2 mile waterway to take on the North Beach drainage issues and spur on development

Jonathan Gonzalez - 34. island.png

A system of 10 breakwater islands which serve as protection for North Beach and wildlife sanctuaries


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